If you are just about to embark on an ITSM roll-out journey or in the process of upgrading or enhancing your system then this might be handy for you.

There are a few things to consider which could make your project a success 

1. Everything is about planning & approach
I have been on a number of projects or programmes where organisations have made the decision to roll out a major new system with an agile development and release approach. Well, I will be honest, I haven’t seen many succeed or they delivered a half-cooked or designed system that does not hang together all that well.

Why? Well, large Enterprise systems are complex and usually have many components! This requires detailed analysis and design to ensure all scenarios are captured and planned for!
Where Agile works well is when you already have a stable and fully functioning system and you are looking to do feature enhancements and minor roll-outs. so make sure you plan and choose the correct delivery methodology or approach!   

2. Work with the business
As a consultant, I go to many different clients in different sectors and the typical behaviour I see is that so many of the projects are IT-driven. This is because the business has no clue what they want apart from a brand spanking new system that just works and brings the operational efficiency their business teams expect to get.
IT delivery teams end up taking the work on and then realising they don’t have the business knowledge of operational processes to design and build the system or features. 

So, your best bet is to always work very closely with the business stakeholders and the actual operational teams that will end up using your tool. Don’s assume you know it all! 

3. Avoid over customisation and development
This is easier said than done but it does work. If you have invested in an enterprise-grade ITSM platform and invested a lot to get the best of the best, then try to use it for what it has been designed.
These tools have been designed to work with best industry standards and best practices and most ITSM platforms are already ITIL aligned!
So if you are going out of your way to change that, then maybe your processes are just over-complicated or you have not selected the right tool for the job!

There are many more aspects that could influence any project, but the key steps to always consider are 

Plan -> Engage -> Analyse -> Define Scope -> Define Approach -> Execute  

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